Guided New Moon Meditation

Leo New Moon – Guided Meditation

with Jenette Traverson

Sunday, July 23rd  •  6pm

Mantra: Abundant energy – use wisely

New Moons are a time of new beginnings and planting new seeds (intentions) when we start a new cycle each month.

New Moon in Leo – July 23rd


LAST NEW MOON: This new moon in Cancer, occurs on June 23rd and has tremendous healing potential. The moon is at home in Cancer, reminding us of the importance of nourishing ourselves and our home. Feeling the urge to upgrade, shift, rearrange your home? Our home can often reflect us and when out of balance we really feel it.

For this New Moon, I am inspired to elaborate on our heightened awareness of the necessity, especially during these times of a profound advance toward higher Spiritual Awareness, to create a home environment that vibrates the energy of a Sacred Space, Sanctuary, Temple.

We are inspired by Spirit to reflect on the condition of our home location and to clear away anything that might create heavy energy, imbalances and disruptions in our dwelling space as well as whatever might interFEAR with a natural flow of energy, as it is understood in the Chinese art of Feng Shui.

It was the Prophet Kahil Gibran who mused, “Your House is your larger body,” and all energy that comes to form in our homes is a direct reflection of the energy of all those who occupy the space. Our Home is the place for us to retreat, rejuvenate, reconnect with Spirit, as well as a setting for us to nourish our loved ones. If your home is not reflective of these virtues, see this time as a Blessed opportunity to correct any imbalance in your home environment.

Does your home reflect you? Bring you peace? Feel aligned with you? What does this reflect within You? Take time to connect within, feel what you feel, and center into your heartspace.
Summer is a lovely time to connect with your tribe and celebrate with food, fun, and inspiration.

Join us at JaiRhythm as we connect with our heartspace, align our mind, bodies, and spirit, and feel the inspiration of this New Moon in Cancer.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring water, and your New Moon Intentions if you like.

Blessings and gratitude and know you are Blessed,
Jenette Traverson

Astro info from Ray Sette

Be mindful, present, diligent with your spiritual practices, and breathe.

Note: Wear, comfortable clothes, bring your written New Moon intentions if you like, crystals, blanket, water, or yoga mat for your comfort to nourish and empower your experience.

Jenette Traverson has a private practice in Ventura, Ca. She has been an Intuitive Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Medical Intuitive, a passionate heart-centered teacher and Reiki Master since 1999. For more information or contact her at 805-415-4772.

May the seeds you plant in your conscious awareness grow and expand with joy, abundance, peace, love & more.

For more information check out her website.

New Moon Dates

Sunday, July 23rd 6pm


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