New Moon – Guided Meditation

Sagittarius New Moon – Guided Meditation

with Jenette Traverson

December 18th  •  7:00pm

Mantra: Breathe in Love, exhale peace.


New Moons occur each month and are an opportunity for us to reset our intentions and plant new seeds of energy for the coming month. Connecting with the energy of the Moon and the sign it is in gives us the opportunity to work with these new energies.

The New Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, Nov. 18th, the Moon goes void almost immediately after and moves into Sagittarius in the afternoon. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Scorpio is all about Alchemy, and known as the Alchemist and alchemic shape shifting. Scorpio is often thought of as death and rebirth since it is ruled by Pluto. The death and rebirth shouldn’t alarm you, it’s an opportunity to release what’s no longer aligned and rebirth anew.

Much is rising-up to the surface grabbing our attention on a very deep and personal level. This is so we look within vs the external areas and not be distracted taking our focus off our own personal needs.

At times, it may feel a bit like a pressure cooker, situations or people may push your buttons, set off triggers and irritate the crap out of you. All this intensity is to get your attention, take time to go within, dive deep so you can surrender it all. Yes, let it go and align with your heart. It’s an opportunity to know yourself better, heal old wounds and the triggers connected to them.

Pause before reacting, breathe, center and ground yourself, ask yourself “Why am I responding this way? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I so reactive?

Take a moment to go within and ask are these connected to old hurts, wounds, traumas, are they physical or emotional? This is a time of deep personal soul searching and healing that requires your personal attention. This could be life changing for you if you allow, it’s an opportunity to surrender and reclaim the peace and serenity you so deeply desire. The Universe delivers what you’re ready to receive.

All of this is awakening us to a deeper part of our truth within. We were created from love, we are love, and it’s our deepest knowing to be Love. So much is shifting and manifesting in the world around us and it can be very challenging to trust and have hope it could ever get better. It starts with each of us consciously making the choice to hold a space of love.

Forgive yourself and others where needed, free yourself from old entanglements holding you emotional/mental hostage, often times those were simply experiences to learn from and grow. Congratulations you succeeded, next.

Take 5 minutes and start your day by connecting with your heart and allow your mind to merge with your heart center. This will unify the heart and mind and emit a frequency of love for all to receive, imagine it’s contagious (in a good way) soon all are catching on. If enough of us continue to do this daily we will create a new world, a heaven on Earth that we all long to experience.

We are all integrating and playing with new frequencies so drink plenty of water, ground yourself often daily, move your body, focus on love, gratitude, and appreciation. Smile and bless everyone daily, you never know what a difference it will make in their life. Let the small shit go, more room for love when you do.

WE are here to remember our light and that this light is infused from the highest frequency of love flowing from Source, God, Creator of All right from our hearts awakening our wisdom and divine knowing. Breathe in Love, exhale peace…


Note: Wear, comfortable clothes, bring your written New Moon intentions if you like, crystals, blanket, water, or yoga mat for your comfort to nourish and empower your experience.

Jenette Traverson has a private practice in Ventura, Ca. She has been an Intuitive Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Medical Intuitive, a passionate heart-centered teacher and Reiki Master since 1999. For more information or contact her at 805-415-4772.

May the seeds you plant in your conscious awareness grow and expand with joy, abundance, peace, love & more.

For more information check out her website.

New Moon Date

Monday, December 18th 7:00pm


$25 in advance,
$35 day of


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