Art of Yoga Sequencing

Art of Yoga Sequencing

with Colin Brightfield

Saturday, February 17th • 2pm-5pm

What makes a great yoga sequence? Why do we practice some poses before other postures? How do we create a sense of flow?

Yoga sequencing is one of the most intriguing aspects of practicing and teaching yoga but often misunderstood or challenging to learn.

Jai Rhythm Founder Colin Brightfield will make it easy for you to understand yoga sequencing. This workshop will focus on developing one’s ability to create dynamic, intelligent, effective, safe and fun yoga sequences that will yield physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Colin will describe fundamental yoga sequencing principles that guide sequencing structures. Furthermore, Colin will outline the steps to build your own sequences based around poses and themes of your own choosing.

This workshop is designed for practitioners who are interested in developing their own practice and yoga knowledge, as well as aimed at yoga instructors who are looking to create more engaging and impactful classes for their students.

You will learn:

  • Critical sequencing principles to guide your sequences
  • How to structure a practice around a particular pose or theme
  • Sequencing secrets and tips that will inspire you

Come with an open mind, a notebook and pen to take notes, and ready to flow!


Saturday, February 17th, 2pm – 5pm


$50 in advance, $60 day of workshop

***40 for all Jai Pass Holders


You can register in advance online by using our online payment form. Select “Art of Sequencing” from the drop-down menu below. As always, you can also sign up at our studio front desk.