Lorri Many Rivers Santamaria

    Lorri ‘Many Rivers’ Santamaría moved to Ventura, California in January 2017 after spending five magical years living, working, and playing in Auckland, New Zealand. There, she studied and received 200 hr Hatha Yoga, wellness, and healing certification. She enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative/ Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, and a variety of meditation styles. Her interest and work in wellness followed a recent life-changing cancer diagnosis, multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and after-care involved in what became a longer than anticipated healing journey from which she has since recovered. In addition to Yoga credentials, Many Rivers is certified in Second Degree Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki. She has also studied plant-based essential oils, and is currently pursuing therapeutic touch training through the Heart Touch Project.  Many Rivers Santamaría is also a Doctor of Philosophy and an active community-based indigenous researcher working for the Mixteco/ Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) on the integration of Mexican indigenous healing practices with cognitive behavior theory with the MHSA and VCHB. She relies on deep spirituality, ancient healing wisdom, alternative medicine, and tenants of her identity as a Spanish speaking, Spanish born, Black African American Louisiana Creole of American Indian (Choctaw) descent, to complement her Yoga, healing, and meditative practices. Today, even as Many Rivers moves closer to restored personal health and wellness, she taps her educational, professional, and holistic medical training, ongoing health journey, and rich personal experiences, in order to lead and teach others toward healing, happiness, and optimal wellbeing through yoga, meditation, and Reiki.