Jenny Donovan

    Jenny began her health and wellness ventures in the fitness world as an instructor and a competitor. Jenny is a certified personal trainer and in 2000 she held the title for Miss California IFBB. Jenny’s first time attending a yoga class was with her husband of eleven years at a class with her mother-in-law. She was moved and inspired by her ability to quiet her mind and be present through yoga and meditation. Jenny’s revelation about our brain’s ability to create new neurons through yoga keeps her enthusiastic about sharing yoga with everyone.

    Jenny developed a regular yoga practice after she joined Jai Rhythm. She instantly felt a connection to the Jai community and is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to do her teacher training with Jai teachers who continue to teach and inspire her growth.

    In addition to her yoga and fitness pursuits Jenny has been a hairstylist and local business owner in Ventura for 26 years. You can find Jenny at Shag Salon on Main Street in Ventura. Jenny is also passionate about surfing and travel and has traveled internationally for surf and yoga, participating and coordinating retreats. Jenny welcomes the new adventures on her horizon thanks to her deep love of yoga.

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