Experience the fire and light of your soul come alive and flow like liquid through your entire being. Together, between vigorous yoga practices, sweet and deep vinyasa waves, peeling emerald green tubes, untouched beaches and verdant jungle landscapes, we will support one another in an adventure that is as much about diving deep into our practice as it is about celebrating community and friendship, surf, delicious food and local culture.

You have just arrived at a hidden tropical paradise in the jungle of Nicaragua for a magical week of exploration and bliss led by Colin Brightfield & Rebecca Schol.


LIQUID FIRE RETREAT – Yoga + Surf Adventure, Nicaragua

June 19th to June 25th, 2016 – Summer Solstice 2016

with Colin Brightfield & Rebecca Schol

A Typical Day…

Wake up to the howls of monkeys in the trees and head to the jungle yoga studio. Enjoy a sunrise with a morning meditation as the Nicaraguan sun slowly rises and the birds start their song. We’ll transition into a rejuvenating vinyasa flow yoga practice that sharpens the senses and energizes you for your day.

Following practice, we’ll enjoy a healthy breakfast followed by free time for exploring the area, catching surf or a nap, lounging or making new best friends. Eat your freshly sourced lunch while you discuss which surf spots to check out or whether to play a unique jungle disc golf course or go on a catamaran cruise tomorrow. Take in the afternoon any way your spirit moves you. Follow your bliss.

Cruise to back to your mat in the early evening. Move through a relaxing yoga flow that’s just enough to stoke your appetite for the delicious supper that awaits you, even catching a few wafts of what’s cooking while arching into your upward dog. 

Connect with everyone in the main lodge for a family style supper while you recount the fun of the day, laugh with new friends, and plot the next day’s surf escapades and mischief.

Collapse on your bed, instantly floating off into a restorative sleep in a stupor of joy combined with deep relaxation and calm. Wake up the next day to do it all again. We’re looking forward to stoking the liquid fire with you.


Colin & Rebecca

Watch Maderas Surf Village’s Video Below to Get the Vibe:


  • 7 nights eco-chic/rustic acccomodations at Maderas Village

  • Delicious and nourishing breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily

  • 2 Yoga practices daily led by either Colin Brightfield or Rebecca Schol

  • 2 Group Surf Lessons led by local surf guides

  • Consistent surf break at the retreat and plenty of surf options for all levels within easy access

  • Relaxing activities featuring catamaran cruise and horseback riding on the beach

  • Raw adventure and fun everywhere you turn

  • Fun loving community and relaxed, laid back vibe

  • Practice Living Well

    Great food, companionship, epic moments

  • Paradise Found

    Like summer camp for adults

  • Emerald Green Tubes

    Stoke delivered daily

  • Rejuvenating Vinyasa Flow

    Yoga led by Colin Brightfield and Rebecca Schol

  • Eco-Chic Surf Retreat

    Built sustainably, designed for community

Retreat Information


At Jai Rhythm we look for like-minded and passionate people to work with when we decide on a retreat location. The team behind Maderas Village are the real deal, and are bringing into fruition a new way to approach modern life, balance and traveling. We are honored and excited to be bringing our tribe to the absolute best spot in Nicaragua for a yoga and surf adventure. 

The Maderas Village is a short walk from Maderas beach and a 20 minute shuttle from San Juan del Sur. This surf village helps make transportation arrangements to get people to and from San Juan del Sur, Rivas, San Jorge, Grenada, or Managua.


Yoga practices will be rejuvenating and support the play we are doing off of our mats. We will begin each morning with a sunrise meditation that will open us up to our surroundings and help us get present to the amazing day we have ahead of us. Our meditation will gently segue into our flow yoga practice. Morning practices will tend to be more vigorous and fiery, while the afternoon practices will tend to be more grounding and assist in unwinding from the activities and adventures of the day.


Maderas Village takes food very seriously. It’s personal to them. It’s not just the act of nourishment, but the source of energy. Nightly pre-fixe dinners are served to guests seated at a large communal table, and enjoyed over tales of surf & travel, philosophical quandaries, and debates of the mind. Maderas Village goes to great lengths to make their food something to remember. They offer local and fresh food to their guests daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a primarily pescatarian menu that is locally inspired and is described by guests as, “simplicity done to perfection.” While the kitchen is always open for lunch, Taco’s Locos on the Beach is always a nice treat and offers the best fish tacos in Nicaragua.


Two group surf sessions including lesson and board rental are included in the retreat rates and will include guidance by Colin Brightfield and local surf guides. The schedule of these two sessions will be determined by wave, tide and weather conditions on site during the week of the retreat. While staying at Maderas Village you’ll always find someone who wants to walk down to the beach, tell a surf story, share a surf secret, or debate a surf question. We foster an environment of advancement, where your level of skill isn’t nearly as important as your level of passion. Paddle out, charge hard, and smile & you’ll fit right in with the rest of us. The home break is Playa Maderas, a beach break that works best during the two hour period on either side of High Tide. Due to it’s location just West of Lake Nicaragua, Maderas gets hit with about 320 days a year of offshore winds making it’s consistency uncanny. It averages waves of 4-6 feet in the green season (Apr – Oct). The water temperature ranges from 20 degrees – 25 degrees, so never a need for more than a vest. Maderas surf guides often take surf trips in our safari to Hermosa and Remanso ($15 & $10 per person), as well as boat trips to more remote breaks of Colorado, Manzenio, and Panga Drops ($30 per person).


Maderas Village is an airy, sustainably-minded Surf Village nestled into a hillside jungle, overlooking Maderas beach. Guests describe The Maderas Village as an undiscovered boutique resort, a summer camp for adults, or a retirement community for young people. Nicaragua is full of natural beauty and a rich cultural history. While we love to see people fall in love with the Maderas life and never leave, we also encourage people to experience the other parts of Nicaragua that make living here so much fun.

Managua Intl Airport is closest and we can help set up a shuttle for you (and possibly others if they arrive at the same time). Just let us know your flight details and we can take it from there. It’s best to try to arrive between mid morning and mid afternoon, and depart noon onwards.

  • Find Your Vibe

    Plenty of space to be you

  • Walk to Your Wave

    Easy access to surf in front of the retreat center

  • Follow Your Bliss

    Tap Into Your Inspiration

  • Be Immersed

    Designed to foster connection


There are a range of accommodations to choose from to suit every travelers need. All rooms are a lovely mix between rustic charm and stylish design with a sustainable touch. Some private rooms have private baths while others have shared baths.  Rooms are located in larger cabanas or in stand alone structures (casitas).

  • Seven night eco-chic accommodations at Maderas Surf Village
  • Three healthy gourmet meals per day
  • All beverages including all fresh juices, smoothies and alcohol
  • Two flow yoga practices per day led by Colin and Rebecca
  • Morning meditations everyday
  • Two group surf lessons led by Colin and local surf guides
  • Fire ceremony
  • Access to all of Maderas’ amenities including surf break right in front of resort

  • Airfare to Managua, Nicaragua (MGA)
  • Airport transfer can be arranged by us but cost not included (One way transportation is $140 for 4 people, $120 for 3 people, and $100 for 1-2 people)
  • Additional excursions and activities

Dorm-Single bed in a shared room

  • Full payment all at once $1,495 or
  • $500 deposit now to reserve, balance of $995 due by June 12th, 2016 – one week before retreat begins
  • Only 6 spots left

Shared – Two Separate beds or Couple in Private Room – Shared Restroom

  • Full payment all at once $1,695 or
  • $500 deposit now to reserve, balance of $1,295 due by June 12th, 2016 – one week before retreat begins
  • Only 3 spots left

Premium Shared – Private Restroom

  • Full payment all at once $1,899 or
  • $500 deposit now to reserve, balance of $1,499 due by June 12th, 2016 – one week before retreat begins
  • Only 14 spots left

Private – Private Room for One

  • Full payment all at once $2,399 or
  • $500 deposit now to reserve, balance of $1,999 due by June 12th, 2016 – one week before retreat begins
  • Only 4 spots left
Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation your entire payment will be refunded less the $500 deposit if the cancellation is made before May 15, 2016. Payments are non-refundable after this date.


Register for the Liquid Fire Retreat by this form. Please select your lodging option and complete the form and you will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have been registered. Thank you and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


Got questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or e-mail rebecca[at]jairhythm[dot]com.