Yoga, Hiking + Camping Peruvian Adventure

October 7th to October 17th, 2016 with Rebecca Schol

Join Rebecca Schol and her teachers on a Spiritual Journey around the Sacred Valley of Peru. Together we will explore the ancient teachings of Shamanism, camp and hike the sacred mountain of Salkantay, meditate at Machu Picchu and tour the waters of Lake Titicaca. We will have a yoga sessions every day, whether it be a seated mediation or moving meditation. This will be a time to learn more about yourself and other cultures. I ask of you, come with an open mind and open heart.

  • Hike to your Bliss

    Adventure is right here waiting for you

  • Find Your Vibe

    Plenty of space to be you

  • Follow Your Bliss

    Tap Into Your Inspiration

  • Be Immersed

    Designed to foster connection

Retreat Information


Love of camping and hiking.
Fearlessness of treacherous terrane/cliffs.
An open mind and a willingness to listen to your inner self.


Yoga practices will be rejuvenating and support the adventure we are having off of our mats. We will begin each morning with a sunrise meditation that will open us up to our surroundings and help us get present to the amazing day we have ahead of us. Our meditation will gently segue into our flow yoga practice. Morning practices will tend to be more vigorous and fiery, while the afternoon practices will tend to be more grounding and assist in unwinding from the activities and adventures of the day.

Peruvian Tour Leaders:

DONA BERNA (Dona Bernardina Catary Alvarez)
Dona Berardina Catary Alvarez was born in Ayabiri Puno, Peru. Dona Berna started training as a healer at 9 years old and received her Star Wisdom at 12 years old. Chosen by Nature to be a communicator for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (sacred mountains), Dona Berna reads coca leaves, cards, soil, candles, dung and fire. She is a Kawak (seer) of the luminous body, a Maichera (healer with herbs) and known as an Alto Mesayoc (highest rank of shaman in Peru). Dona Berna has over 30 years experience in natural healing medicine and has successfully treated people with terminal diseases. She is excited to share her wisdom and healing skills. Her joy and laughter are contagious and all are transformed and elevated in her presence.

Ruli is an amazing guide & expedition leader who has led hundreds of groups through the Andes and along the Inca Trail. His expertise as a guide and teacher will truly enhance this wonderful journey. His passion for his culture comes through in everything he does, and his fun sense of humor is endearing and contagious. Ruli was born in Peru and has trained with many Andean shamans. His devotion for the Apus and for Pachamama influences his work and life as a guide, and teacher of Andean traditions. Ruli is fluent in Quechua, Spanish, and English. He has been working closely, for many years with Dona Bernardina and the other gifted healers and shamans.

What’s Included

  • ­All Transfers.
  • 3 star Hotels, breakfast included.
  • Private transportation.
  • Private Boat with tour guide at Lake Titicaca.
  • 2 Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu Mountain(spending 2 days).
  • All the entrance tickets for the sacred sites.
  • Train ticket to Machu Picchu.
  • All the gear for camping and food while camping, excluding sleeping bag.
  • Plane ticket from LIMA ­ CUSCO and JULIACA ­ LIMA.

What’s NOT Included

  • ­Some Lunch and dinners.
  • Airfare to and from Lima. Must be in Lima by 6am October 7th and depart Lime late evening on the 17th

*Must have deposit in by July 15th

**Space is limited and will sell out. Sign up as soon as possible to be able to hike certain mountains that fill up months in advance during peak season.

Single Occupancy – Hotels and Tents

  • Full payment with Cash or Check $2700
    • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
    • $2200 By September 15th
  • Full payment with Credit Card $2775
    • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
    • $2275 By September 15th

Shared Occupancy – Hotels and Tents

  • Full payment with Cash or Check $2400
    • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
    • $1900 By September 15th
  • Full payment with Credit Card $2475
    • $500 Non-refundable Deposit
    • $1975 By September 15th


Register for the Sacred Valley Mindfulness Retreat by contacting Rebecca directly. rebecca [@] jairhythm dot com.

Space is Limited ~ Only 4 spaces left

Got questions? Please e-mail rebecca[at]jairhythm[dot]com.