We believe that yoga is all about community, connecting to one another in a fun, supportive environment that promotes well being. Here is a list of our leaders and teachers at Jai Rhythm Yoga and their bios

Colin Brightfield

The founder of Jai Rhythm, Colin Brightfield started the studio by leading donation yoga classes in Marina Park in Pierpont every morning for over a year. Colin is a leader, artist and entrepreneur with a mission to build community based on conscious creative expression. He emphasizes creative pursuits to promote freedom, challenge what’s possible, and expand awareness. These pursuits take the form of yoga, art, music, festivals, events, and adventure retreats. Colin’s first experience with yoga was with his mother. She suggested he join her for a yoga class while in high school, then after playing rugby in college, he turned to yoga to heal his body.

He quickly realized that there was something deeper happening in yoga class. As a student of philosophy, he began to delve into the theory beyond the physical practice of yoga. In 2008, he earned his initial teaching certification with Rolf Gates, and has enjoyed studying and teaching yoga ever since.

Colin leads classes that are dynamic and soulful, combining his passion for yogic wisdom and flowing movement to create experiences that inspire, energize and awaken. Colin celebrates his students for who they are while challenging them to rise to their potential and dream even bigger.

Rebecca Schol

I have been enjoying the practice of asana, yoga since 2007, and was certified in Hatha yoga in 2009. I understand how yoga can heal both body and mind if practiced regularly as I have witnessed it firsthand through my own practice.

I was introduced to yoga through Bikram Yoga by a close friend in hopes of getting my body back into varsity college lacrosse shape. After taking a few yoga classes I realized not only was it a great physical work out but mentally I began to gain a sense of clarity while struggling with clinical depression and anxiety. Yoga became much more than the physical practice I once believed it was as I continued to heal myself through the practice of both asana and pranayama.

I have studied many forms of yoga, those include, Ashtanga, Prana Flow, Bikram and Vipassana Meditation. I have a passion for alignment and sensitivity for the movement of energy(prana). I combine my skills as a teacher with a sense of humor and openness, and nurture each student to help them reach their potential in their practice, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga is my life’s passion. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with everyone. For more information go to www.rebeccaschol.com

Pixie Kastrup

A passion for teaching drew Pixie all over the globe, and into the most vibrant realms of yoga. A mother, activist and lover of life she has brought the rhythms of nature onto the mat with a dynamic practice that follows the lunar cycle. Pixie believes yoga is a perfect reflection of the cycles of life and matches each day’s practice to the energy of the seasons. No two classes are the same, which adds to the sacredness and awesome sense of fun.

Pixie’s yoga style is a powerful blend of vinyasa and prana flow that taps deep into inner strength and fluidity. The challenging practice is drenched in a sense of lightness, renewal and joy. Pixie has lived and studied yoga in India where she received a certificate in yoga therapy. She has a degree in Kinesiology, has worked as a private wellness coach and currently studies with yoga masters Shiva Rea, Mark Whitewall and Guru Singh. Pixie leads private, group and intensive classes abroad. She completed her first 200 hrs in Northern California in 2002, another 500 hrs in 2014. And continues to seek paths to learn & explore the embodiment of yoga always.

Maxwell Miller

At the age of 19, Maxwell Miller found yoga as a way to complement his athletic lifestyle and to improve flexibility. Shortly thereafter it became an integral part of his life. Maxwell continued to evolve his practice for the next two years and then met his Guru, Yogi Hari. Maxwell went on to study at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Mirimar Florida and completed his 200 hr yoga teacher training. He was then initiated as Yogi Hari’s disciple at the end of his stay at the ashram. Maxwell then went on to complete his 500 hr yoga teacher training with Yogi Hari. Maxwell received the title Yoga Acharya (Professor of Yoga). Maxwell teaches a traditional style of yoga that evolved from the Sivananda school.

Maxwell’s classes are designed to guide students to use their mental focus to come into harmony with the breath and flow from pose to pose. The class begins with a strengthening and heating series with a rigorous vinyasa flow, linked with various poses. After, this heat is applied to help to stretch the body deeply into more advanced asanas. As the body cools, the class concludes with a deep meditation/relaxation followed by chanting designed to purify and harmonize the body to increase radiant health and well-being. Maxwell is incredibly passionate about yoga and strives to make every class a unique and enlightening experience for each one of his students.

Brenda Lear

Through yoga Brenda has found a genuine sense of calm, balance and an opening of heart, allowing for deeper relationships and more present living. Her fascination with human anatomy and physiology led her to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. As a passionate learner, she has completed several teacher trainings, which have included the guidance from Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane.

Brenda’s teaching is a confluence of her light-hearted and sprightly approach to life united with a deep respect for the tradition. Her teaching style enables her to offer classes that provide a dynamic interplay of movement and stillness cultivating an environment for each to develop their personal practice. Brenda’s classes continue to evolve reflecting her creativity, personal growth and continued learning. She remains grateful for her teachers who continue to share their knowledge and wisdom.

April Shafer

April finds balance in her life on her yoga mat and is eager to share this with her students.  She has a passionate dedication to the practice and finds healing in strength and movement.  April started practicing yoga in 2004 after learning she had scoliosis.  Soon afterwards she earned a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certificate and began teaching.  Currently April is a Yoga Medicine Teacher working towards a 500hr certificate in Yoga Medicine under the direction of founder and visionary Tiffany Cruikshank.

Yoga Medicine is a thorough, anatomically based training system that trains teachers all over the world to work more powerfully with their students. Yoga Medicine is a community of teachers who excel in their training and their ability to understand the body from an eastern & western perspective enabling them to work more effectively with other healthcare practitioners. Yoga Medicine is not a style of yoga, but rather a training that educates the teacher to understand the body and create individualized yoga prescriptions for the student.

Citrine Danzer

Citrine has been infatuated with yoga ever since she first stepped onto her mat in 2009. The process of linking breath, movement, meditation, and mindfulness together is a concoction that is unique and healing. After years of a dedicated practice, yoga gifted her with a profound wave of gratitude and contentment. Citrine discovered she could contribute to the happiness of others by sharing this practice. In 2013, she completed her teacher training with an experienced Yoga Works Instructor, Gigi Snyder.

Citrine holds a comfortable atmosphere for students to enjoy moving the body. Her class aims at purifying and cleansing the body to give the mind a safe space to reside in. Citrine’s passion is to inspire others to take yoga off the mat and into an authentic life.

Kasey Kelly

Kasey Kelly, yoga instructor by day & radio personality by night, was born and raised in Ventura, California. In 2006, Kasey took her first yoga class at Ventura College. Her seed of love for yoga was planted but wouldn’t come to bloom till later in 2014 when she found Jai Rhythm and its inviting community. In January 2015, Kasey enrolled in Jai Rhythm’s 200 hr VinyasaFlow Teacher Training, under her deeply revered teachers Colin Brightfield and Rob Hess.

Kasey has a deep passion for sharing her yoga with others and hopes to help facilitate people’s transformation both physicallyand spiritually in each one of her classes. Her goal is to leave everyone feeling rejuvenated, full of love and passionate about life. Kasey’s down to earth  and sincere enthusiasm for life parlays into the classroom in hopes to inspire those she meets.

“I teach yoga because I believe I have the duty to share the infinite gifts Yoga has given and continues to give me. I share Yoga in a light-hearted, fun and passionate way accompanied with eclectic music. I simply share what is dear to my heart and only hope that in some way I help make your life a little more beautiful, enhance your awareness or invigorate your passion for living an authentic life. I look forward to joining you on our Yogic journey. I see you and I love you. Namaste!”

Ulrika Eden

Ulrika moved from Sweden to California in 2009, to pursue her passions in surfing and yoga. Her passion now is to share these experiences with others. Ulrika believes that practicing yoga will give you a healthier and happier life.

Ulrika has a bachelor’s degree in holistic health and nutrition from the University of Halmstad in Sweden. She is all about bringing health and joy into other people’s lives. Ulrika believes that yoga is a gift to life, a gift to herself and a gift that she loves to share with others.

After seeing more and more changes in her soul and mind from practicing yoga for 6 years, she decided to become a yoga teacher. She considers herself lucky to have been able to participate in Jai Rhythm’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2015, with outstanding teachers Colin Brightfield and Rob Hess.

Brooke Kettering

Brooke began practicing yoga in the Iyengar tradition while studying for her BA in psychology at UCSD. She then discovered vinyasa yoga and fell in love with flowing to the beat of one’s breath. As a lifelong music aficionado, combining music with yoga has always been one of her favorite parts of being an instructor. She strives to always learn more about the mind/body connection. In wanting to learn more about the Union of matter and spirit, she studied Jungian psychology and earned her master’s degree in Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute in May 2015.

Lisa Henley

Lisa is a long time lover of yoga. In college, she enjoyed the peace and joy it brought her, on and off the mat. Her background in education and her experience working with preschool children served well as a precursor to starting her own family. Her parenting philosophy of making life fun and teaching from the heart spills over to her playful, nurturing style of teaching yoga. She is grateful for the inspiration and guidance she received from Carmen Curtis and the yoga community throughout her 200 hour certification program for Aireal and Hatha yoga, and looks forward to her continued growth and learning from her fellow instructors. Lisa’s goal is to share her love of yoga with people of all ages, and serve as an inspiration for future yoga lovers.

Mariah Ingram-Pflaumer

Mariah discovered her first yoga class over 20 years ago as a teenager and enjoyed the body, mind, spirit wholeness it brought into her life and felt a spiritual and healing energy when moving her body. After a back injury in 1997, which caused her constant chronic pain, Mariah decided it was a time for change and made body health and wellness her profession of passion. She received her first certification as a fitness trainer in 2004, and then in 2006 she received her certification as an aesthetician and massage therapist. Mariah continues to challenge herself and has received several certifications including Oriental Studies, Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting, and Level 1 Crossfit certifications.

Mariah found that Yoga incorporates all of what she’s most passionate about, growing spiritually, helping others, and taking care of our body and mind so that we can live a long and energetic life. Seeking a deeper practice Mariah received her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Certification in early 2016 and she is excited and dedicated to share the joy she has found in life and in yoga with others. Mariah has spent many years on a path of healing, and as she continues to grow, and move forward, she is grateful to her teachers, spiritual advisors, mentors, family and friends. She is determined to always remain a student and continue to learn from those around her and ultimately the teacher that lies within.

Amy Clausi

Amy’s love for yoga started eight years ago in New York City, where she was born and raised.  Her practice began as an outlet from a stressful desk job in Corporate America.  As a working mother of two young children, she was drawn to the peace she found on the mat while gaining physical strength and flexibility.  Yoga has given her the gift of inner calmness and has inspired her in countless ways.  This lead her to pursue her passion further and obtain her teaching certification at Jai Rhythm Yoga in the spring of 2016.  Amy wishes to share this love of yoga, and all that she has learned, and continues to learn, from her teachers. In her classes you will find flows full of heart and physical challenge, supporting both a healthier body and mind.

Krystal Pearson

Krystal Pearson is the owner of Blue Jasmin Acupuncture, Herbs & Yoga which is located in beautiful downtown Ventura. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist & reiki practitioner. She is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She studied Level 1 & Level 2 Kundalini yoga in Los Angeles at Yoga West with Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Siri Marka, GuruMeher, Nirvair Singh & many other wonderful teachers. She loves sharing the experience of Kundalini Yoga & the Gong with others, as it has deeply transformed her own life in so many ways. Krystal began practicing yoga as a young girl and then found Kundalini yoga when she was 23. It immediately resonated very deeply with her. Her spiritual name is Japmeet Kaur. In the last few years she has also developed a love of AcroYoga! She is an ACROVINYASA yoga teacher. She took Level 1 ACROVINYASA yoga teacher training in Bali with Claudine Lafond & Honza Lafond of Yoga Beyond. ACROVINYASA is a fusion of vinyasa, inversion training, and AcroYoga. It is fun, playful, and focuses on trust, community & communication. Krystal also enjoys traveling and leading yoga retreats in other countries such as Costa Rica & Bali.

Sat Nam…Truth Is My Identity.

Sarah Ingram

Sarah’s journey began over a decade ago, when she took her first yoga class at a gym to diversify her workouts. It wasn’t until 2010 she transitioned to a regular daily home practice and in 2014 she finally decided that teaching was a path she wanted to explore. Eager to teach, Sarah opened up donation classes to the community, branding herself as Ventura Grassroots Yoga. Through ambition, tenacity, and dedication, Sarah was able to save up the donations necessary attend training. In 2016 she graduated from Jai Rhythm’s teacher training program. In addition, Sarah also obtained her Reiki Practitioner certification as a way to use energy healing in her classes.

After training, Sarah remained close with her teacher and mentor, Colin. With his continued support, guidance, and encouragement for Sarah to charge full speed ahead, she humbly accepted the role as Tribe Collaborator, working to connect Jai to the community outside of the studio by joining forces with VGY.

Sarah’s style of teaching takes a holistic approach, tapping into mind, body, and spirit. Her goal is to educate and empower people to take control of their lives by fostering success through determination and strength, while allowing their paths to unfold organically and accepting challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. A huge advocate of self-care, she also believes that we best serve others when we care for ourselves first. As an instructor, Sarah now draws inspiration and purpose from her students, knowing that her earnest efforts in her own practice will ultimately translate to her classes and fulfill her genuine love of caring for others.

Chris Roberts

Besides 25 years of yoga practice, Chris Roberts background includes competitive springboard diving, modern dance and ballet.  He was the NCAA Division II 3 meter diving champion more years ago than he cares to relate.  He is interested in maximizing the strength, balance and fitness his students.  Classes start slow, with the opening of all body joints.  Traditional poses are held so that practitioners can experience, evaluate and adjust their body to maximize the benefit of each particular pose.  Chris also mixes playfulness and adventure into all levels of practice with balances and joint extensions that challenge all practitioner levels.

Lauren Hendricks

Lauren first fell in love with yoga while pregnant with her daughter in 2012. Once on her mat, she found that yoga helped her to learn patience, allowance, self-love and so much more. Yoga not only helped her tame her anxiety and calm her mind, she also noticed how it toned her body. She found that the strength and body awareness she had established through her background of running, swimming and fitness easily transitioned to her asana practice. She is continually inspired by yoga’s transformative power, both physically and mentally. As she began to feel the transformation yoga had in her life she felt inspired to share that gift with others, and enrolled in the 2016 Jai Rhythm Teacher Training Program. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, and her classes are a mix of encouragement, challenge, and most importantly, fun.

Jenny Donovan

Jenny began her health and wellness ventures in the fitness world as an instructor and a competitor. Jenny is a certified personal trainer and in 2000 she held the title for Miss California IFBB. Jenny’s first time attending a yoga class was with her husband of eleven years at a class with her mother-in-law. She was moved and inspired by her ability to quiet her mind and be present through yoga and meditation. Jenny’s revelation about our brain’s ability to create new neurons through yoga keeps her enthusiastic about sharing yoga with everyone.

Jenny developed a regular yoga practice after she joined Jai Rhythm. She instantly felt a connection to the Jai community and is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to do her teacher training with Jai teachers who continue to teach and inspire her growth.

In addition to her yoga and fitness pursuits Jenny has been a hairstylist and local business owner in Ventura for 26 years. You can find Jenny at Shag Salon on Main Street in Ventura. Jenny is also passionate about surfing and travel and has traveled internationally for surf and yoga, participating and coordinating retreats. Jenny welcomes the new adventures on her horizon thanks to her deep love of yoga.

Breeze Flowers

Jai-Circle-Teacher-BreezeBreeze began her yoga practice in 2010, 1 year after becoming a mother for the first time. She began her practice in the Bikram Yoga style and shortly after adjusting to the heat, she fell in love with all that yoga would do for her. It helped balance the busy demands of being a mother and allowing herself to remain more calm and mindful. While pregnant with her second child, she practiced the entire pregnancy and has developed an understanding and a knowledge of pre-natal yoga. Breeze received her 200hr teacher training certification in April 2016 with Shana Meyerson. Breeze loves to teach Bikram style, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, Pre-natal, and children’s yoga. Always expanding her knowledge, she is on the lifelong journey with her yoga practice and transforming into a more mindful human daily!


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