We believe that yoga is all about community, connecting to one another in a fun, supportive environment that promotes well being. Here is a list of our leaders and teachers at Jai Rhythm Yoga and their bios


Colin Brightfield

colinThe proprietor of Jai Rhythm, Colin Brightfield started the studio by leading donation yoga classes in the park every morning for over a year. Colin is a leader, artist and entrepreneur with a mission to build community based on conscious creative expression. He emphasizes creative pursuits to promote freedom, challenge what’s possible, and expand awareness. These pursuits take the form of yoga, art, music, festivals, events, and adventure retreats. Colin’s first experience with yoga was with his mother. She suggested he join her for a yoga class while in high school, then after playing rugby in college, he turned to yoga to heal his body.

He quickly realized that there was something deeper happening in yoga class. As a student of philosophy, he began to delve into the theory beyond the physical practice of yoga. In 2008, he earned his initial teaching certification with Rolf Gates, and has enjoyed studying and teaching yoga ever since.

Colin leads classes that are dynamic and soulful, combining his passion for yogic wisdom and flowing movement to create experiences that inspire, energize and awaken. Colin celebrates his students for who they are while challenging them to rise to their potential and dream even bigger.

Rob Hess

robRob’s teaching has evolved and has come a long way from where he began practicing in Cleveland, Ohio to his day’s teaching in Washington D.C. to now living in Ventura and helps run Jai Rhythm with his business partner Colin Brightfield. What drew him to the practice of yoga was the physical part, but after years of study and devotion it’s the spiritual part of the practice that has fed his soul. And through this amazing journey he found his home in the Prana Flow community with his teacher Shiva Rea.

While Rob’s style is ever evolving, Rob’s teaching is rooted in Prana Flow: a synthesis-oriented approach to living the art of yoga created by his primary teacher, Shiva Rea. Born from the traditions of classical yoga, Bhakti, Tantra and Ayurveda, Prana Flow integrates various forms of spiritual embodiment practice to reveal yoga as a flow of unity consciousness. Rob has traveled all over assisting Shiva’s workshops and teacher trainings, sharing his love for the teachings of Shiva Rea and the Prana Flow method of yoga.

Rob’s style of teaching is fun, challenging, and lighthearted as he tries not to take life too seriously. He encourages students to enjoy the journey rather than fighting to get to the destination. Rob has been leading workshops and training all over the U.S. and loves how the power of yoga is universal that no matter where he goes you can feel an amazing sense of community and love. Rob has found that through his own sadhana yoga can free the body and mind from the self limitations we impose on our selves and that through practice we are able to get in touch with the very essence of who we are. His goal as a teacher is to help students uncover their own personal truth and live a life that is empowered. Join Rob As you celebrate the flow and dive deep into the power that lies within.

Rebecca Schol

rebeccaRebecca has been enjoying the practice of yoga for seven years, and was certified in Hatha yoga five years ago. She understands how yoga can heal both body and mind if practiced regularly because she has witnessed it firsthand through her own practice.

She was introduced to yoga through Bikram Yoga by a close friend in hopes of getting her body back into her varsity college lacrosse shape. After taking a few yoga classes she was hooked, realizing not only was it a great physical “work out” but mentally she began to gain a sense of clarity while struggling with clinical depression. Yoga became much more than the physical practice she once believed it was as she continued to heal herself through the practice. Yoga has now expanded into her life’s passion, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share her experience.

Rebecca has studied many forms of Hatha yoga and meditation and is currently studying how to teach yoga to children. She has a passion for alignment and sensitivity for the movement of energy(prana). She combines her skills as a teacher with her sense of humor and openness for a truly heartfelt yoga experience. Rebecca nurtures each student to help them reach their potential in their practice and is a seasoned beginner’s teacher.

Maxwell Miller

maxwellAt the age of 19, Maxwell Miller found yoga as a way to complement his athletic lifestyle and to improve flexibility. Shortly thereafter it became an integral part of his life. Maxwell continued to evolve his practice for the next two years and then met his Guru, Yogi Hari. Maxwell went on to study at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Mirimar Florida and completed his 200 hr yoga teacher training. He was then initiated as Yogi Hari’s disciple at the end of his stay at the ashram. Maxwell then went on to complete his 500 hr yoga teacher training with Yogi Hari. Maxwell received the title Yoga Acharya (Professor of Yoga). Maxwell teaches a traditional style of yoga that evolved from the Sivananda school.

Maxwell’s classes are designed to guide students to use their mental focus to come into harmony with the breath and flow from pose to pose. The class begins with a strengthening and heating series with a rigorous vinyasa flow, linked with various poses. After, this heat is applied to help to stretch the body deeply into more advanced asanas. As the body cools, the class concludes with a deep meditation/relaxation followed by chanting designed to purify and harmonize the body to increase radiant health and well-being. Maxwell is incredibly passionate about yoga and strives to make every class a unique and enlightening experience for each one of his students.

Brenda Lear

brendaThrough yoga Brenda has found a genuine sense of calm, balance and an opening of heart, allowing for deeper relationships and more present living. Her fascination with human anatomy and physiology led her to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. As a passionate learner, she has completed several teacher trainings, which have included the guidance from Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane.

Brenda’s teaching is a confluence of her light-hearted and sprightly approach to life united with a deep respect for the tradition. Her teaching style enables her to offer classes that provide a dynamic interplay of movement and stillness cultivating an environment for each to develop their personal practice. Brenda’s classes continue to evolve reflecting her creativity, personal growth and continued learning. She remains grateful for her teachers who continue to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Veronica Desoyza

veronicaVeronica hails from NYC. She is certified in Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, and Aerial Yoga . She took her first yoga class about 25 years ago when she was in the midst of a burgeoning career as a ballerina, singer, and aerialist. Veronica has performed on Broadway, off-Broadway and around the world, bringing her yoga practice with her wherever she was. Yoga has helped her stay sane, healthy, and strong in a high pressure world.

After 10 years of being a teacher and seeing people transform their bodies and their lives, she is fully committed to helping spread the joy, compassion, and community that yoga inspires.

Veronica is also a licensed massage therapist and lives in Ventura with her wonderful husband and son. She is thrilled to be a part of Jai Rhythm Yoga.

Taya Smythe

I don’t thinJai-Circle-Tayak yoga is going to save your life, and I don’t think it’s necessarily the number one sacred entity in the world. However, I do teach it because I do believe that it’s a powerful catalyst for putting your mind and heart in some good places, learning who you really are and what you’re going to do with that information. It’s an awesome physical cleanser of the blood so that your oxygen can move where it needs to and your neurons can connect how they need to connect.

I do not know more than you. We are equals. I like to share ideas I’ve been exposed to because I know that I benefit when I am exposed to the ideas of others, and we all ever only do what we know has at least worked for us.

Teaching makes me feel alive, and I get sparked every time I lead a class. I am drawn to the practice in many ways- physically, metaphysically, and mentally- and I really love the community that forms around it. What happens when us human beings do this practice together, are willing to say hi to the person on the next mat, and let in that inspiration and connection that is available, is something that is really amazing to witness and to experience. Hope you rock this class I will be teaching, and if you don’t, then I hope it’s because you know something better for yourself. I want to give you an epic experience, and I am grateful that you’re willing to support me in doing so as a career.

Victoria Addamo

victoriaAfter practicing various systems of yoga since 2005, Victoria stumbled upon Ashtanga in 2011 during her teacher training in Honolulu Hawaii. After one month the impact and differences in body and mind were clear and revelatory.  After one year of intense six day-a-week mysore style practices with level 2 authorized teacher Aliya Weise, she made the first of trek over to Mysore India to practice at the source with the Main Man, R. Sharath Jois.

It was there that she caught the bug called Mysore Magic and became a hopeless ashtanga addict. Victoria has spent a total of 8 months over the past 3 years as a student in India and plans to continue making yearly pilgrimages to connect to the source furthering her learning and getting deeper into the practice.  She is dedicated to faithfully presenting traditional Ashtanga Yoga as it is to those who wish to learn this intensely rigorous physical and spiritual practice.

Xuan Nguyen

Jai-Circle-Teacher-XuanWhy do I teach yoga? Facilitating someone else’s transformation is awe inspiring and humbling! I love to observe their breath becoming deeper and the face softening, the heart opening and the mind focusing. These shifts are powerful, and playing a role in this shift by holding the space for each student to embrace, expand, and enjoy their own journey is truly amazing.

Xuan is certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) with Yoga Alliance, completing his 500-hour professional teacher training program at YogaWorks Westlake Village Studio with his teacher/mentor Lainie Devina.


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