This all-levels practice is a hot power yoga class consisting of dynamic, flowing practice that emphasizes juicy sequences that will detox your body, clear and invigorate your mind, and leave you feeling rinsed out and refreshed. Be ready to play hard, sweat a lot, smile and have a blast while losing weight, burning away stress, toning your body, calming your mind and opening your heart.


Gentle is a non-heated, slow paced, informative and instruction based class for brand new beginners and advanced practitioners, those looking for a relaxing practice and those who want learn more about the poses, breathing techniques and other tips and tricks for building a safe and sustainable yoga practice that will be beneficial for a lifetime.


A beginner-friendly, foundational flow (vinyasa) class focused on the fundamental principles of yoga taking you through posture to posture at a slower pace, proper breathing, and attention to alignment of the poses. Roots is an excellent basic flow class, great either to start your flow practice or refine your regular flow yoga practice. Roots is a great class to try after practicing our Classic class.


This highly accessible stationary practice is great for beginners and advanced practitioners of all ages and especially for those who want to heal injuries, lower back pain or knee pain. Classic consists of a series of the same set 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises each time practiced in a heated environment. Because this class offers the same set sequence every time you practice, it allows one to begin to deepen their understanding their own body, mind and breath as they relate to yoga practice.


An accessible, all-levels, vibration raising class, featuring a flow style of yoga(vinyasa) that emphasizes linking breath(prana) with movement while moving through creative sequences. Rhythm is a full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga designed to energize, empower and open your heart to set your mind free.

In this class you will experience some or all of the following – mudras, chanting, bandhas, pranayama, meditation, asana, kriyas and a whole lot of fun.


A more challenging version of the Rhythm class, this intermediate class is a more challenging vinyasa (flow) yoga class. Encompassing a full, well-rounded practice including pranayama (breathing practice) with an emphasis on standing sequences, backbends, inversions and a relaxing cool down sequence. Enjoy deeper openings in your body and a clear calm mind in this complete yoga flow. Come ready to breathe, move, sweat, work hard and laugh. You will have an amazing time and feel more at peace when you step off your mat!


Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It works on balancing the nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system & chakra system. It is a kriya yoga. The kriyas involve breathwork (pranayama), mantra (chanting), meditation & a gong bath (vibrational sound healing) for the final relaxation in savasana. Kundalini yoga is an experience and it takes you on a journey through your consciousness. One of the primary mantras we use is Sat Nam… Truth Is My Identity.


Our Chill class is designed for all students and is a form of restorative or yin yoga with an added Dharma talk and/or learning about the philosophy of yoga. This class will help you to become more flexible, reduce pain and calm a restless mind when practiced regularly. Instead of forcing oneself into a pose that the body is not ready for, restorative yoga poses allow the muscles to open up when and if they are ready to do so. Typically, we hold a posture 2-10 minutes using blocks, bolsters blankets and straps to ensure a comforted and supported body. You will feel a subtle yet clear opening in the area being stretched. Come relax and open up to new possibilities.


Show up with an open mind and ready to flow to your edge. A fun and invigorating all levels class that features a blend of yogic wisdom and philosophy connected to dynamic asana(posture) sequences and inspiring grooves presented in waves of vinyasa(movement and breath), with each wave guiding you closer to your heart and soul. Learn to balance power and softness in your practice with compassion, pause in the stillness of the flow, and embody wisdom in motion. You’ll laugh, sweat and walk away feeling lighter, energized and awake.


“Meditation is as simple as noticing what you are experiencing and what you are thinking.” We will explore this process together with an emphasis on community learning, curiosity and a sense of humor.


Celebrate community and join us for an accessible, all-levels class featuring a flow style of yoga(vinyasa) led by our newer teachers in training.  This practice emphasizes linking breath with movement while moving through poses set to great music designed for fun and impact. This class is only $9 for anyone to Drop-in.