Our classes generate excitement, promote vitality, and are designed to relax and inspire.

All of our classes are led in an accessible and open format. You can see our prices and buy class passes online. Also, be sure to check our Studio Tips to help you get started, and even complete an online waiver before arriving to the studio. If you are new to yoga and Jai Rhythm, we recommend taking a Roots class to get started and reading our New Students page. All of our classes are heated with the exception of our Chill classes.

New Students
Studio Tips

Beginner Classes


Seeds is a stepping stone to begin your yoga practice. This class features a workshop style setting in which more time is dedicated to breaking down the poses and describing safe alignment. This class is ideal for brand new beginners looking to learn the basics of yoga as well as experienced practitioners who would like to deepen and refine their practice and their understanding of yoga.


A beginner-friendly, foundational vinyasa class focused on the fundamental principles of yoga taking you through posture to posture at a slower pace, proper breathing, and attention to alignment of the poses. Roots is an excellent beginner’s class, great either to start or refine your regular yoga practice.


This highly accessible stationary practice is great for beginners and advanced practitioners of all ages and especially for those who want to heal injuries, lower back pain or knee pain. Classic consists of a series of the same set 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises each time practiced in a heated environment. Because this class offers the same set sequence every time you practice, it allows one to begin to deepen their understanding their own body, mind and breath as they relate to yoga practice.

All Levels


An accessible all-levels class featuring a flow style of yoga(vinyasa) that emphasizes linking breath with movement while moving through creative sequences and groovy jams designed to energize and empower.


Ashtanga Primary Series, also known as Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy). This class refers to the full primary series of the ashtanga system that is led by an instructor walking you through the sequence. This flowing, set sequence of postures utilizes steady breathing, vinyasa and dristhi (looking place) to increase muscular strength, flexibility and concentration while working to purify the body, nervous system and mind. For more info, please visit our Ashtanga page here.


A powerful combination of flow and restorative yoga that is both relaxing and deeply nourishing. This beginner-friendly, all-levels practice features calming sequences designed to help you unwind stress and soothe your mind. The perfect complement to our other offerings. These classes have limited space, signing up online in advance is encouraged to reserve your space, click here to visit our Schedule page to sign up.

All Levels/More Advanced

Soul Surfer

Show up with an open mind and ready to flow to your edge. A fun and invigorating all levels class that features a blend of yogic wisdom and philosophy connected to dynamic asana(posture) sequences and inspiring grooves presented in waves of vinyasa(movement and breath), with each wave guiding you closer to your heart and soul. Learn to balance power and softness in your practice with compassion, pause in the stillness of the flow, and embody wisdom in motion. You’ll laugh, sweat and walk away feeling lighter, energized and awake.

Pranic Soul

Prepare to open your heart, soar with grace, and smile while flowing with love. Let the spirit move you, and have fun rocking your Sadhana in your own divine way. Sadhana means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal. The goal of Sadhana is to attain some level of spiritual realization, and this practice can involve meditation, chanting, and all around joy or bliss, as we come together and share. Pranic Soul will awaken our deepest connection to the source and renew the Prana Shakti (the life force) within each and everyone of us.


A powerful and deeper practice that focuses on strong standing poses, arm balances and inversions. Come prepared to work hard, sweat, and have a great time.

Private Yoga Session

Jai Rhythm offers individual yoga sessions, or small group sessions, customized to your interests, needs and curiosity. We can offer instruction in our studio or at your home or office.

We are delighted to offer this level of personal instruction by our experienced teachers. Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling a private session with one of our instructors by e-mailing Rebecca at rebecca[at]jairhythm[dot]com.

  • Learning yoga basics at your own pace
  • Getting back into your practice after a hiatus
  • Studying specific areas of yoga that interest you
  • Deepening your practice
  • Opportunity to explore
  • Working with an injury
  • Couples yoga together
  • Personal attention and motivation

Office Outreach

Jai Rhythm offers office outreach yoga at your place of business. Looking to fit more yoga into your life? Get your coworkers together for a lunch time yoga class or a morning flow before the day starts.

We are adaptable to the schedules and needs of your business and our teachers are experienced in leading classes at businesses. Rates vary depending on the amount of people interested in attending classes. Please e-mail rebecca[at]jairhythm.com for more information or to schedule a trial session for your office.