Why You Should Visit Cuba

Why you should visit Cuba as soon as possible:

1. It will blow your mind.

The Cuban people are full of zest for life and their enthusiasm is infectious. There are times when the way things are run in Cuba will frustrate you, but the very next moment, you will be surprised by intoxicating beauty, friendliness and joy. You will be tested and you will be rewarded many times over.

2. It’s changing quickly.

We all know that Cuba’s borders have become increasingly open and they continue to do so. Things are changing quickly in their economic and cultural landscape as the Cuban people embrace the new opportunities for prosperity and sharing. It’s fascinating to be there and observe the transformation that’s currently happening for yourself.

3. The art!

Havana itself is like walking through a museum. Street life is juxtaposed against the backdrop of centuries old colonial style buildings that have the perfect amount of weathering and aging in the stonework. There are musicians everywhere, street art, salsa dancing, and a vibrant modern art and nightlife scene is blossoming in Havana.

4. The Cuban people

The Cuban people will welcome you with open arms and are happy to share their joy for life with you. They are friendly and curious, and they are excited to meet travelers and learn. They are caring and gracious, and will happily help you find your way or offer you their favorite spots to explore.

5. You will learn deep wisdom about yourself, yoga and life.

Few places in the world will challenge you in the way that Cuba will challenge you. In Cuba, often things just don’t work. In Cuba, often all the delicately laid plans you have made will fall apart. This is simply part of life in this communist country. The Cuban people have developed the art of acceptance and non-attachment. Their skills in equanimity contribute to their ability to find joy in daily life that is sometimes unpredictable. Impermanence and acceptance is a real practice in Cuba in which the unexpected can always happen. This is part of what makes Cuba a magical place, but first you must be open to seeing it. The work we are sharing in our yoga practice will become clear as we apply our yogic wisdom in this unique land. You will be gently nudged out of your comfort zone by life in this beautiful place as it peels open your heart and expands your mind. You will be touched by Cuba in a way that you have never been touched by any other place you have ever traveled. Your heart will be cracked wide open and you will be content to let it stay that way.

My name is Colin and I am leading the second annual Soul Zest Retreat to Mhai Yoga Retreat Center outside of Havana March 10-17, 2018. 

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Colin Brightfield

Founder, Jai Rhythm Yoga