Consistency is Key

We are thrilled to welcome in a new year full of possibility, connection and community. Let’s make 2018 the best year ever at Jai Rhythm. We would like to begin by extending an enormous Thank YOU for allowing us to continue to share this gift of yoga with you. Jai Rhythm is all about you, and by connecting as a community, we help lift each other up.

We will continue to offer the most engaging yoga classes in the region led by top instructors who are highly trained and experienced in offering intelligent and therapeutic yoga classes. We will continue to provide the most inspiring facilities in which to practice and enjoy your yoga experience. In addition to our regular offerings, this year we will be offering new ways to get involved, express your practice and connect with community through exciting workshops, events and retreats.

Some of the most critical advice we get from the yoga masters throughout time is to keep up our practice regularly and to practice with devotion. It’s not just important to show up, but to bring our intention and awareness to why we want to show up. Discovering our bigger sense of why we practice yoga will help us attend to our practice even when we might not feel like it.

Being curious is a skill we can use to help us discover our reasons for practicing yoga. By exploring different and deeper aspects of yoga, we can keep our interest piqued without succumbing to boredom or malaise. Getting involved in a workshop or event is a wonderful way to enliven and get reacquainted with the beauty of learning and growth. To help you get excited about your practice, we have planned a full calendar of events this winter.

We have also created some special deals to remove some excuses for not practicing. We are excited to share some excellent ways to ensure that your practice stays consistent this New Year!