Our Mission is to inspire and generate excitement within the practice of yoga and creative movement. To connect our community to the vibrant pulse of life. To increase and unify social consciousness and environmental stewardship.


The spark of Jai Rhythm Yoga was first lit shortly after Colin Brightfield completed his yoga teacher training in 2008. Colin needed students to practice his freshly learned vinyasa yoga teaching from Rolf Gates and would teach anyone who was interested in learning yoga. Colin did his best to apply his training while Rebecca tried her best help Colin progress as a teacher.

Soon after Colin found himself living in nearby Washington, D.C. following his passion. He studied with many of the passionate and experienced teachers in and around the city while also attending trainings and retreats led by master teachers. He dreamed of one day creating a yoga community based around the values of fun, service and community and even thought about opening up a yoga studio in the D.C. region or beyond. Eventually, Colin was asked to lead a surf and yoga retreat and his interest in developing a studio near consistent surf was ignited.

While at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Colin befriended motivating and entrepreneurial people who believed in their dream of one day opening a studio by the beach in California. Through several visits to California, they became close friends and Colin solidified his goal of moving to California to see what would happen if he followed his dreams.

Colin moved to Pierpont in Ventura, California in June 2012 without much money or a job but he was thrilled to be following his passion and to be living his truth next to the Pacific Ocean. He noticed a gorgeous beachside park three blocks from his new home and began to offer daily and sometimes twice-daily donation based yoga classes in Marina Park in Pierpont. Some days only a couple people showed up and some days there was a legitimate crowd, but Colin taught whoever showed up. When the weather turned cool and the days got shorter, students volunteered their homes for a community yoga practice in their living rooms. A warm, local, community had developed around yoga and Colin felt that the dream of opening a new yoga studio in Ventura was close.

During this time, Colin began developing plans for a studio and working to lease a space that would align well with the Jai Rhythm values and offer a space where the community could thrive. Finally, they signed a lease at the Working Artists Ventura (WAV) for the initial Jai Rhythm Yoga studio. Construction was finished the following summer and Jai Rhythm Yoga officially opened its studio doors for their first practice on July 19th, 2013.

Together, the Jai Tribe fosters community and leaders in a movement towards awareness, commitment to excellence, sharing positivity and passion to create experiences of presence, celebration, and inspiration. At Jai Rhythm, we hope that by living to our fullest, we can inspire you to be triumphant in your own life.


Jai Rhythm is located in the Downtown area of Ventura, California at the WAV

All of our classes are led in an accessible and open format. You can see our prices and buy class passes online. Also, be sure to check our Studio Tips to help you get started, and even complete an online waiver before arriving to the studio. If you are new to yoga and Jai Rhythm, we recommend taking a Roots class to get started and reading our New Students page. All of our classes are heated with the exception of Ashtanga since this practice generates so much heat by itself.


Our studio is located in a special project known as the WAV, which stands for Working Artists Ventura. This unique community houses artists from all around the world in a wide range of artistic traditions and disciplines. We are thrilled to be surrounded by such a creative and inspiring group of people, and could not have selected a better location for our yoga community to calls its home.


Within the walls of the WAV at our yoga studio, Jai Rhythm strives to minimize our carbon footprint from our initial design choices through the everyday studio operations.


There is ample parking nearby the studio on the street and there’s a gravel lot across the street. Give yourself extra time your first visit to the studio to register, get checked in and setup.